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Matthew – The Authentic Woman, Part 2 by Lisa Thompson
Granite Bay Campus

Jesus is much more than a carpenter - He is our King! The more we release control of our lives to Him, the more we experience the blessing of God’s Kingdom today. Being an authentic woman of God is defined by a life that reflects your relationship with Jesus Christ as King. With Jesus at the center of your life, there is no stopping what He will do for you every day. Imagine the woman you will become when you allow Jesus to fully reign in your life! Your study of the Gospel of Matthew 14-28 will enhance your understanding of who Jesus is, give you practical ways to respond to everyday people and circumstances the way He would and give you space to grow your faith by resting in His presence.

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Weekly: Mondays at 6:30 PM starting Mon 9/13/21 until Mon 11/1/21